Issue 5 Contents

A New Regionalism
A Politics of Our Own

Interview: The Other Californians
Jonah Raskin interviews author Gerald Haslam.

Memoir: The Sequoia in the Storm   [Full article]
Family, memory, and Chiura Obata’s art of resilience.
By Lyra Halprin

Localism: Walking in the Sun and the Mud
A migrant worker’s journey to owning an organic farm
By María Inés Catalán

History: A Culture of Dissent
Occupy Oakland’s historical roots.
By Ryan Miller

Essay: The Hungry Got Food, the Homeless Got Shelter   [Full article]
The First Days of Occupy Oakland.
By D. Scot Miller

Poetry: “The Water of Lake Tahoe”
By Zubair Ahmed

Poetry: “Hall Tree”
By Ian Huebert

Profile: Housing a Movement
Activist Steve DeCaprio joins Occupy Oakland’s fight for housing.
By Chris Smith

Fiction: “Wolverines”
By Ernest J. Finney

Notes from the Field
Our readers’ dispatches from Oakdale and Point Reyes National Seashore.